Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

Cleaning prices will depend on your homes type of chimney. But before we even get to a cleaning quote, an inspection is performed. We always inspect first to determine if cleaning is really necessary. We use plenty of drop clothes to protect the hearth and floor and runners to cover the carpet. Safe, Clean and Efficient!


If you do not need a cleaning, we will complete the inspection and you only pay for the trip charge and inspection report.

About Our Chimney Cleaning Process

Prices will vary based on if you have a masonry chimney made of bricks or stone, a wood stove or pre-fabricated fireplace. When accessible, cleaning includes a camera scan of the flue.

For masonry fireplaces, we include removing and replacing the damper in most cases in order to do a better job cleaning the rain shelf. The rain shelf is the pocket behind the damper and the smoke chamber, which is the funnel-shaped part of the chimney located directly above the damper.


We use RO-VAC vacuum systems to control the dust and suck the soot. This machine minimizes any dust from escaping the work area and permeating through the house. Even the smallest of soot or ash particles will be contained rather than blowing right through the filter like it will with most shop vacuums.

What's Potentially Different About Wood Stove Inserts?

If you have a wood insert, which is a cast iron stove inside a masonry chimney, then it should to be lined with a stainless steel liner. Inserts are designed to vent into a specific diameter pipe. If you vent into a smoke chamber, which is designed to funnel the smoke from an open fire into the flue, you are at risk of third degree or glazed creosote forming in your chimney. This exposes you to a high probability of a flue fire and thus is NOT recommended.


If you do not have a liner installed we will need to pull out the insert, which can weigh 400 pounds, and haul it away. We will then do a complete masonry sweep and scan. Unlined inserts are considered a code violation. Our recommendation is to have us remove and dispose of these units.


If your wood insert is lined, cleaning costs will be the same as a regular masonry chimney.