Photo 1:

Severe spalling and
deterioration caused by water penetration.

Photo 2:
Efflorescences stains caused by water penetration and leaching salts are unsightly and add to deterioration.

Photo 3:
Water penetration and
freeze/thaw damage result in loss of insulation value and lead to structural failure. 


Protect Your Chimney From Water Damage

There are approximately 40 million masonry chimneys in North America and the most common problem with these structures is water penetration.


Water causes over 1 billion dollars in damage annually in the form of staining, loss of insulation value, freeze-thaw damage, deterioration, and ultimately structural failure.


All new and existing masonry chimneys are susceptible to water damage and, even if repaired, chimneys will continue to deteriorate if they are not protected.  ChimneySaver, which comes with a 10 year warranty, is the first water repellent specifically developed to protect chimneys from the severe weather conditions to which they are exposed.


ChimneySaver is a Water Repellent not a water sealer. The difference could save you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repairs because sealers can actually damage masonry. Unlike waterproofing sealers that remain on the surface and trap water vapors, ChimneySaver penetrates deep enough to protect masonry from destructive water penetration.

Water Damage Can Be Prevented

Chimneys are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration.  It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs.


ChimneySaver contains patented siloxanes small enough to penetrate most masonry pores up to 114" or more.  These special siloxanes form strong bonds with the silica in masonry and concrete. Because of this bonding process, one application of ChimneySaver provides up to ten times the water repellent protection of typical sealers.  


100% Breathable

Moisture from a variety of sources is always present in masonry and concrete. Sealers and silicone coatings form a water resistant surface film which traps water vapors. If these vapors cannot escape, they will contribute to spalling, scaling, deterioration, and freeze-thaw damage.


ChimneySaver is 100% vapor permeable - a non filmforming water repellent that penetrates and lines masonry pores.  ChimneySaver offers the best protection because it releases water vapors and effectively reduces water absorption.


ChimneySaver is an investment in long-term protection that will help prevent expensive reconstruction. No water repellent, however, is a substitute for good construction and workmanship. The first step in preventing water damage is to make necessary repairs to structural cracks, damaged crowns, lashings, deteriorated bricks, and mortar joints. The second step is to protect porous masonry from further water penetration by applying ChimneySaver water repellent.


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