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Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs of a Roof Leak Around Your Chimney

Ever hear the phrase, “If these walls in our Milwaukee County dwelling could talk?” If the interior walls or ceiling around your chimney are stained, or covered with a white powder, your walls are talking to you:


“You have a roof leak.”


A home’s roof leak around a chimney can have several causes. The metal flashing where the chimney meets the roof might have been improperly built, come loose, or be deteriorated. Mortar at the chimney’s base could be gone. Some Milwaukee County homeowners have found the chase cover, the metal cap atop a prefab or factory-built chimney, has rusted out.


Usually it’s difficult to tell. An inspection by a chimney inspector, such as the certified experts at Quality Fireplace, is the smartest way to locate the cause.


Of these, a flashing leak is most common in Milwaukee County. The sheet metal around the chimney base can develop a variety problems. Sometimes a flashing repair is as simple as applying calk; in other cases, both metal and roof shingles must be removed and rebuilt.


Replacing a metal cap isn’t complicated, but must be done correctly. Same thing does for fixing broken or missing mortar at the chimney’s base, or elsewhere.


A residence roof leak can begin inside a chimney. Cracked or broken liner tiles can permit moisture to seep out. A new liner can correct this problem in short order, often along with other problems.


If those walls (or a ceiling) in your Milwaukee County home start “talking,” don’t ignore them. Contact Quality Fireplace immediately. Correcting a you house’s roof leak quickly will prevent bigger problems later.


Once the message reaches the level of a shout, all bets are off.


Contact Quality Fireplace and schedule an inspection of the roof around your chimney.

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