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Prepare Your Residence For Sale – and Avoid Surprises - With a Proactive Chimney Inspection!


Home sale tip: Have your chimney inspected before you put your house on the market.

Some surprises in life are happy ones. Think a birthday party, winning a raffle prize, or finding a dollar on the street.

Not when selling your Milwaukee County home, though. In this setting, surprises are never good. Surprises cost time, money ... and maybe even a sale.

Putting a home on the market in Milwaukee County? Think about the chimney. It could harbor an unwelcome surprise. Few homeowners have their chimneys inspected consistently. A chimney problem could be the bombshell that sinks a deal.

Don't risk it. Instead, invest in your peace of mind, and a smooth house sale, with a chimney scan. For just between $170-195, Quality Fireplace will peruse every centimeter of your chimney's interior.

Know about Chimney Problems BEFORE You Put Your Home  (Up For Sale|on the Market}

Necessitate repairs for specific structural issues in a chimney. Quality Fireplace's 360-degree chimney scan, done with specialized gear, will proactively find any such concerns: cracked flue tiles, for example, or gaps between tiles.
Ideally, none will be found. You can move ahead with confidence.

If the chimney scan finds issues, you'll get a written estimate to repair them. The cost of the scan is taken off the price. Probably not what you desired ... but isn't it better than a surprise discovery that sabotages your Milwaukee County place sale?

Contact the Chimney Professionals Servicing Places in Milwaukee County

Quality Fireplace offers next-day service for real estate chimney inspections. Just call 262-786-4411 to book an appointment or click to request a time. Off-season pricing is offered in winter.

A chimney's interior has to be relatively clean for a scan. If creosote accumulation or a debris blockage is identified, a sweep ($299) might be needed beforehand.

Chimneys are different. We can't see inside them. Any problems are "out of sight, out of mind." The exceptions are when a problem erupts, or a professional identifies one early.

Don't let that professional be a potential buyer's home inspector. A proactive chimney scan for your Milwaukee County place can prevent a buyer being scared away. While some surprises are never desired, the timing of some are far worse than others.

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