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Don’t Ignore the Health of Your House’s Chimney!

Think about the life expectancy of your Ozaukee County residence’s chimney.


Ice, snow and cold temperatures hammer it during the winter. Heat, sun and pounding thunderstorms attack it in the warmer months.

A strong chimney in Ozaukee County can withstand these conditions for years on end. Occasionally, something gives.


It might not be apparent at first. Debris might litter your shingles. Some could fall in the yard. Perhaps you’ll smell a smoky scent.


Other signs are more clear. Water stains, or a white powder buildup, are hard to miss on ceilings and walls. Sometimes you can even see cracks in the chimney’s mortar.


These are warning signs. The sooner you take action, the faster (and usually cheaper) your chimney repairs will be. Don’t wait for a minor repair to become a major rebuild.


Worse yet, don’t risk putting your family in danger. Leaks or improper venting can spew dangerous carbon monoxide fumes, the “silent killer,” into your Ozaukee County dwelling.


Whatever the problem – leaks, falling mortar, smoky smells - Quality Fireplace will diagnose the source, and recommend the most cost-effective chimney fix possible.


Common fixes just take a few days. Relining can solve problems with cracked or broken flue tiles. Tuckpointing fixes missing or broken mortar, reinforcing the entire chimney structure. New flashing or waterproofing stops leaks.


Sometimes a badly deteriorated chimney has to be rebuilt. The goal, obviously, is not to reach this point. Quality Fireplace’s chimney sweeping service includes a video scan inside your chimney, to identify small issues before they become big (and costly) ones. If you use your fireplace often, have your chimney cleaned regularly for safety and peace of mind.


In most Ozaukee County homes, the chimney is a key element of the heating and venting system, as well as a disperser of smoke from the fireplace on those cold days. That’s a lot of responsibility. Quality Fireplace will make sure your chimney is up to the job.


Remember, your chimney lives outdoors year-round. In Ozaukee County, that’s a lot of abuse – so don’t ignore its health.


Contact Quality Fireplace and schedule an inspection and keep your chimney in top-notch condition.

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