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Create Those Extraordinary Moments With a Clean, Well-Functioning Fireplace!


The fireplace in your Ozaukee County home has a presence. Once lit, the appeal goes well beyond its emanating heat and soothing flames.


It creates an oasis of comfort. A gathering place for friends and family. A resting spot where the cold outside is forgotten amid warmth, crackles and glow.


What could possibly unsettle these restful moments? Try a creosote fire, or even people getting nauseous from carbon monoxide or mold. A fireplace in need of cleaning or repairs can, unfortunately, pose hazards to those enjoying it in Ozaukee County.

Keep the Fireplace Glowing

Don’t let an unexpected, unwelcome occurrence ruin a relaxing afternoon by your fireplace, or worse. Quality Fireplace is your go-to resource for fireplace inspection and service, to ensure that it provides you nothing but fun.


How do you know if your fireplace needs examination and possibly repairs? Cracks in brick or mortar are often evidence. A fireplace examination will likely exposure a moisture source behind the cracks. Excessive moisture can grow mold, a known health hazard.


As importantly, a fireplace examination will identify buildup of flammable creosote, which can burst into a raging, destructive inferno. At the same time, obstructions or blockages that might trap carbon monoxide fumes are spotted and removed during the inspection.


Fireplace service often involves cleaning to remove creosote. Common repairs are tuckpointing on masonry, new flashing where the chimney meets the roof, or relining the chimney passage. A rusted chase cover atop a prefab chimney might be replaced. All aim to stop access, whether by damaging water or nesting animals.


If it’s been some time since your fireplace was examined, contact Quality Fireplace, just around the corner from Ozaukee County  today. Our aim is for your fireplace to work safely and efficiently. All you should worry about is how best to enjoy the times when it’s operating. Hopefully, you’ll be doing nothing but relaxing.


Contact Quality Fireplace and schedule a chimney inspection.

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