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A Dripping Fireplace?

No, That’s Not Normal

We all know the expected sounds of a fireplace in your Ozaukee County home.


Crackling. Popping. Occasionally a metallic echo, as a firebox shifts with the heat. When no fire is burning, a fireplace is silent and still.


Dripping water is not a desired sound. Rather, it’s a red flag. Chances are you have a leaky chimney. Water is getting in somehow. Finding out how is critical, before the problem worsens and greater damage ensues.


Noise isn’t always the indication of a chimney leak. Stains on walls and ceilings are signs. Water leaking from a chimney’s “out” door in the basement is another.


Given the weather abuse a chimney sustains in Ozaukee County, the source of a leak could be in a few locations. Freeze-thaw cycles, and the battering of water in both liquid and frozen form, can take a toll on different spots of a chimney.


Don’t worry: With a Sixty-foot crane and scaffolding as high as 40 feet, Quality Fireplace is ready to tackle chimney leaks wherever they occur in Ozaukee County.

The problem could be at the very top of your chimney

If a concrete crown is cracked, an application of Crown Coat sealant will stop leaks. In the case of a prefabricated chimney, a chase cover might have rusted through. The answer is a new stainless steel cap.


Further down, crumbling masonry on a chimney or above a fireplace might spring leaks. Tuckpointing or other masonry repair can fix things up. ChimneySaver, a water repellent coating, can be applied to prevent water penetration in chimney masonry.


Flashing around the chimney-roof junction is always a suspect in leaks. Flashing repair can be as simple as recaulking. If the flashing has failed, some reconstruction is necessary.


No matter its source, dripping is often the first indicator of a leaking chimney. Quality Fireplace will make sure this abnormal sound is quieted, and doesn’t return to your Ozaukee County chimney.


Contact Quality Fireplace and schedule an inspection of your fireplace if you hear a dripping noise in your chimney.

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