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Schedule a Preventive Maintenance Chimney Scan ... and Save Big on the Trip Charge!

For most Ozaukee County homeowners, spring, and certainly summer, is the finish is soon … of fireplace season, that is.


A lot of homeowners in Ozaukee County shutter the flue for several months in March or early April. Before doing so, ask yourself: Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to make sure the chimney is ready for October or November, when the fireplace is relit?


Yes, for 100 reasons beyond the common precautions of chimney safety and maintenance.


Until April 18 – yes, Tax Day – Quality Fireplace will waive the $100 trip charge for a preventive maintenance chimney scan at your Ozaukee County residence in Ozaukee County. Unlike Uncle Sam, the certified, experienced professionals at Quality Fireplace want to leave more cash in your pocket.


chimney scan is smart for many reasons. Detecting extreme creosote accumulation can prevent a dangerous chimney fire. Spotting cracks or gaps in flue tiles permits repairs before the problem worsens and becomes more pricey. The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual chimney inspections for dwellings with wood-burning fireplaces.


chimney scan uses a video camera to record a 360-degree record of your chimney’s interior. If areas of concern are identified, you’ll receive the photos via e-mail. You’ll also get an estimate for fixing the issue; a chimney liner is usually the simplest, most cost-effective answer.


Here’s how it works: Contact Quality Fireplace, 262-786-4411 or request an appointment, before April 18 to schedule a scan. The usual $100 trip charge is waived.


A chimney’s interior has to be mostly clean for the scan to work. A quick visual check will identify if your chimney needs sweeping; if so, the charge for chimneys in Ozaukee County is $199 to sweep masonry chimneys, and $150 for prefab structures.


The complete process of scanning and sweeping, if necessary a chimney can take a couple hours. Afterward, you’ll rest easy knowing your chimney is ready for fall fireplace usage; if repairs or maintenance are required, you’ll know the cost and extent.


Some might term this “peace of mind.” Add in the $100 trip charge savings, and “piece of cake” comes to mind, too. After all, who couldn’t use an extra hundred bucks around Tax Day?

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