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Avoid a Leaky Chimney (and other unwelcome surprises) in Your New House With a Proactive Chimney Scan!

You've found the ideal abode in Ozaukee County. It has everything you want. The inspection went cleanly. Financing is lining up. Is anything missing?

Yes, potentially ... and ignoring it could have wet (and pricey) consequences.

How well was the chimney examined? Unless they performed a detailed rooftop evaluation, a home inspector can easily miss the warning symptoms of a leaky chimney: missing or misplaced flashing, broken down mortar, porous brick, a cracked crown or a missing cap. If they didn't climb up on the roof for an up-close look, chances are they missed possible problem areas.

Similarly, as good as he or she might be, a home inspector can't really see inside your chimney. Shining a flashlight from below won't identify cracked flue tiles, for example, or openings between tiles. Building codes for Ozaukee County mandate that these issues be fixed – and the longer they wait, the more expensive the fix.

Avoid a Leaky Chimney in Your New Residence With a Proactive Chimney Scan!As a new homebuyer in Ozaukee County, you last sounds you want to hear in your new chimney are "drip, drip, drip." So, here's a remedy.

For just $299, Quality Fireplace will execute a complete inspection of the chimney's exterior, and a 360-degree scan of its interior. The scan uses specialized video gear to spot any likely problems. The price includes a sweep to clean creosote buildup and remove debris blockages.

Why is this a good idea? A proactive chimney scan equips you with information to make a smart purchase decision. Ideally, no issues are found. You can move ahead with confidence.

If problems are discovered, perhaps you require the seller to fix them. Maybe you negotiate repair costs into the purchase price. The vital thing is, you know.

If a scan detects cracks or gaps, moisture might be escaping from the chimney's interior into the exterior structure. Masonry can disintegrate, spurred by the unforgiving freeze-thaw cycles in Ozaukee County.

A repair doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. A chimney liner can be installed starting at $700, depending on the number of appliances venting into it. The key is to stop breakdown of the chimney structure before it fails.

Some surprises in life are welcome. Others – such as dripping in the chimney of your new home – are decidedly not.


Call Quality Fireplace, 262-786-4411, to ensure that your new Ozaukee County residence chimney is prepared for years of service, not nights of keeping you awake. Consider it an investment in keeping your Ozaukee County dream home as idyllic as it seems.

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