Quality Fireplace and Chimney Service is proud to now offer the multi-purpose VENTIS wood fireplace inserts. Manufactured by Olympia, their commitment to quality shows with its award winning VENTIS line of products. These innovative solutions meet high safety and quality standards and come with the best warranty in the business.


"The Perfect Match Between Wood Fireplaces and Venting Products."


The Ventis ME150 wood fireplace was developed for the homeowner who still demands elegance, robustness and high quality. The ME150  has many features including a generously sized combustion chamber,  high-quality ceramic glass, firescreen doors, and cast iron grate, all at a competitive price. An optional variable speed blower is also offered to improve heat distribution, maximizing your comfort.


          Recommended heating area: < 1000 SQ. ft.

          EPA exempt decorative fireplace: Yes

          Firebox volume: 3.0 cu. ft.






ME300 Arched Doors  

Enjoy both the sounds and heat of a natural fireplace with our Ventis  ME300. Designed to provide an overnight burn, it is powerful enough to heat up to 1,500 square feet. Get the most out of this truly exceptional fireplace by using its standard blower or installing its optional warm air distribution kit. This unit's emissions have been tested at 2.9 g/kg and are below the Phase II limit of the EPA Voluntary  Wood Fireplace Program.


          Recommended heating area: <1,500 SQ. ft.

          EPA qualified: Yes

          Firebox volume: 4.25 cu. ft.





HE200 Retractable double doors 

Very few zero-clearance wood fireplaces can match the exceptional features of our HE200: an overnight burn, retractable double doors, cast refractory bricks, standard blower system, optional firescreen doors, and hot air distribution capabilities. Eco-friendly heating with emissions below 4.0 g/h and efficiency topping 75%.


          Recommended heating area: 500-1,900 SQ. ft.

          Max. output (seasoned cord wood): 65,000 BTU

          Firebox volume: 2.3 cu. ft.

          EPA certified: Yes





HE250 zero clearance wood fireplace 

The HE250 brings modern touch and blends functionality and comfort perfectly. Same key features as the HE200, but with extra firebox volume and a larger glass viewing area. An efficiency topping  75% and emissions below 4.4 g/h. The HE250 allows you to insert your personal touch with the option of a distinctive brushed nickel plated door overlay.


          Recommended heating area: 500-2,100 SQ ft.

          Max. output (seasoned cord wood): 75,000 BTU

          Firebox volume: 2.5 cu. ft.

          EPA certified: Yes






 The HE300 combines high efficiency, ecology and originality. This unit has an output of 80,000 BTU/h and can heat an area of 2,200 SQ ft.  It's 2.9 cubic foot combustion chamber can hold logs up to 16". Safe and innovative, the Ventis wood-burning fireplace made in Canada reduces your environmental footprint thanks to the technology of this low zero emissions fireplace.


          Recommended heating area: 750-2,200 SQ ft.

          Max. output (seasoned cord wood): 80,000 BTU

          CSA B415.1 - 10 certified: Yes







The HE350 is a responsible choice for heating your home and caring for the environment. Behind its large glass door, the 4.28 cubic foot combustion chamber can hold an impressive 60 lbs of wood. The energy efficient fireplace complies with the EPA's clean-air standards (only 1.6 g/h or emissions). The HE350 is capable of heating large spaces and burns for 10 hours.


          Recommended heating area: 1,000-2,8000 SQ ft.

          Max. output (seasoned cord wood): 95,000 BTU

          Firebox volume: 4.28 cu. ft.

          EPA certified: Yes





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