It’s Our Business To Be The Best Chimney Professionals In The Business

Mike has owned and operated Quality Fireplace & Chimney Service since he started the company back in 1983.

QFP has been inspecting, sweeping, repairing, building chimneys, and more, for 35 years.

Ryan is our experienced Journeyman Mason & HeatShield Certified. This is an important position for Quality Fireplace since our chimneys experience significant temperature changes and weather conditions.

A big part of his job, he enjoys giving the customers peace of mind.  Ryan also likes that no two chimneys are ever the same and enjoys being challenged.

When not working, Ryan enjoys golfing and playing softball as well as building legos with his son and spending time with his wife

He has worked as a ball boy for the Milwaukee Bucks!

Jacob is training to become a Certified Chimney Sweep under the experienced tutelage of our experienced Certified Chimney Experts. Jacob is excited to complete his training and certification tests!

He enjoys solving issues and creating an environment for homeowners to feel safe and happy while burning fires in their home

He’s been around QFP his entire life, his dad started the company 35 years ago.  Through his childhood, he has learned about chimney sweeping and discovered a joy for it.

Jacob also enjoys building and repairing computers in his free time.

Mike is one of our most experienced Certified Chimney Technicians.  Mike is very committed to our profession and enjoys hearing that customers enjoy their fireplace and knowing that their fireplace is safe!  Mike is one of our expert HeatShield Certified Technicians.

He enjoys overcoming obstacles and seeing the excitement on customer’s faces

Mike is an avid fisherman and loves fishing and traveling in his free time.

Brandon joins Ryan as an experienced Journeyman Mason & HeatShield Certified Technicians.  When Brandon comes to your house you can rest assured that any issues that your chimney may have Brandon can tackle! And before you know it you can warm your tootsies in front of a glorious fire!

He loves everything about his job and outside of work he likes to ski, snowmobile, and ride bikes.

Brandon loves working with his hands.

Ray is a Certified Chimney Technician which is a certification that takes a tremendous amount of on-the-job training under the tutelage of an experienced Certified Sweep, hours of studying and then taking an intense examination from the Chimney Safety Institute Of America. Ray meets every day with a smile on his face!  He loves meeting with customers and enjoys tackling chimney challenges! 

He enjoys being of service to the public, loves the industry and believes that every customer deserves a safe chimney and receiving the best service possible.

“It’s a great feeling being able to provide solutions and keep families safe.”

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and loves fishing for muskies.

Lukas is an intricate part of the production team. He is working hard to earn his certificate to become a Certified Chimney Sweep Technician and came to Quality Fireplace from working as a forklift driver and CAC Operator. Lukas is a team player that has leveraged his time at Quality Fireplace to become close with his peers. One of his favorite parts of being a Quality Fireplace team member the commardarie and how everyone is focused on helping each other as well as assisting customers.
He loves spending time outdoors, either camping or riding on his motorcycle. He loves listening to music while he rides the open road. 

John has been chosen to be one of our production truck leads. With his vast knowledge of industrial maintenance and welding experience, he was the perfect person for production truck lead.  John loves the challenges each job present, this makes the job fun and exciting!
John values his role in planning and likes that he can provide insight for ongoing projects. He has been known to attend numerous team building/empowerment seminars while also acquiring multiple welding diplomas. He is known around the office for being a musician and also his love of fishing and boating

jenny cook

VENTIS wood fireplace inserts

Quality Fireplace and Chimney Service is proud to now offer the multi-purpose VENTIS wood fireplace inserts. Manufactured by Olympia, their commitment to quality shows with their award winning VENTIS line of products.



We maintain a team of highly experienced professionals with have years of experience. Our team understands the regulations and practices necessary to maintain the safety of your home.



Have your chimney inspected by Quality Fireplace & Chimney Service before you make an offer. Our services will provide you with the peace of mind you need to light the first fire in your new home.



We focus on the details. We carefully examine every inch of your chimney – including the foundation and other ventilation systems – to ensure your home meets the standards of the Chimney Safety Institute of America.


SCHEdule an appointment with Quality Fireplace & Chimney Service

Thankfully, the efforts of America’s chimney sweeps have dramatically reduced the incidence of chimney fires. Regularly scheduled chimney cleanings help to reduce the risk of damage to your home. It is recommended by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) that fireplaces/chimneys be inspected annually. Contact us today and let our team of experienced professionals service your chimney for your peace of mind. Don’t forget to refer a person to Quality Fireplace and when they complete service, we’ll send you a check for $25.00!

Abraham was at my home today for an estimate. I explained our problem and rather than just give an estimate, he did the sweep right then. He thoroughly checked other things that were in need of repair and assured me I would get pictures and an estimate tomorrow. He was friendly, thorough, professional, curious, and very efficient. Most importantly he was knowledgeable! He made some suggestions that we could also do ourselves. Excellent service – Thank you!
Michele Anzivino
Quality Fireplace came out last summer and rebuilt the crumbling chimney on our house — they did an excellent job and even cleaned up! Thanks to Mike and his staff.
Deb H
Quality Fireplace installed a multi-flue cap on the top of my furnace and fireplace. They also cleaned my fireplace and were done in less than two hours without a mess…Thanks Guys!!
Izzy Villa

I have had Quality Fireplace service my fireplace and chimney for years and have offered me a professional service and peace of mind.

Jackie R.